Bishop Dennis Davis had an extraordinary encounter with Jesus on July 23, 1979, at 3:10 am. Prior to this moment, he had knowledge of God but hadn’t experienced a personal connection. After hearing a thought-provoking message about Jesus—considering Him as either a liar, lunatic, legend, or truth—Bishop embarked on a profound journey of discovery. On that astounding date, Jesus revealed Himself to Bishop in an awe-inspiring way.

Since then, Bishop Dennis has dedicated 45 years to sharing the gospel and faithfully serving Jesus. During his impactful ministry, he spent 15 years as a pastor. Notably, he hosted a national Christian music video program “Rock Solid” for several years and organized two international conferences annually. Additionally, he founded a K-12 school and a Bible College.

Bishop’s influence extends globally—he has taught in seminars, conferences, and Bible colleges across many nations. In 2010, he established Christian Fellowship International (CFI), with a vision to foster unity within the body of Christ. 🙏✨

As the ink dries on this chapter of Bishop Dennis Davis’ remarkable journey, the tapestry of his impact continues to weave across borders and cultures. With over 100 churches spanning 9 nations, his influence resonates far beyond the confines of any single sanctuary. The seeds he planted have taken root, and the harvest is abundant.

Yet Bishop Dennis remains steadfast in his conviction: the canvas of God’s providence is vast, and there are still more breathtaking strokes to be painted. The symphony of faith, hope, and love plays on, and Bishop, as the concertmaster awaits the direction of the conductor (who is Jesus), ready for the next movement.

In the quiet moments, when the sun dips below the horizon and the stars emerge, Bishop gazes upward, knowing that the celestial tapestry stretches infinitely. He whispers a prayer, not for accolades or recognition, but for the hearts yet to be touched, the lives yet to be transformed. For in this grand narrative, Bishop Dennis Davis is both a character and a witness—a vessel through which grace flows, and a testament to the boundless possibilities that await. To God be all glory, honor, and praise!